Carbon neutrality is a reality


Our disruptive and innovative VEAAD™ technology is using patented microbial and enzymatic processes to power the path to a carbon neutral Earth. Our bioindustrial system accelerates the transformation of waste with faster processing times, higher biogas production, all natural and low temperature processes, adaptability and versatility for multiple feedstocks and outputs. Our repeatable and scalable model eliminates landfills, reduces pollution and provides an abundant source of clean and renewable energy and water for the world.


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Waste, water & energy solutions


Verliant sits at the intersection of waste, water and energy - where the pathway to carbon neutrality begins.



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Industrial biotechnology R&D


Our team of experts in microbiology, biochemistry and engineering are dedicated to advancing and innovating bioindustrial technologies to clean, recover and recycle waste.


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Trash + Waste = Clean Energy + Water


Verliant is solving the world’s three greatest problems: carbon pollution, water scarcity, and landfill waste. Our Verliant Energy Advanced Anaerobic Digestion (VEAAD™) technology transforms urban trash (municipal solid waste and wastewater) and rural waste (manure and agricultural waste) into clean energy and water.



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