Carbon neutrality is a reality


Verliant works with the municipal solid waste (MSW) and agricultural sectors to eliminate landfill waste and generate renewable energy.

We are helping our clients accelerate zero waste initiatives with comprehensive resource recovery solutions, while developing abundant biogas supplies to power a carbon-neutral future.


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Waste, water & energy solutions


Verliant sits at the intersection of waste, water and energy - where the pathway to carbon neutrality begins.



Industrial biotechnology R&D


Our team of experts in microbiology, biochemistry and engineering are dedicated to advancing and innovating bioindustrial technologies to clean, recover and recycle waste.

Waste ÷ Verliant = Clean Energy + Recyclables


Verliant is a waste-to-resource project developer and technology provider, creating local renewable energy and recyclable resources from waste materials.


We are addressing three critical global needs – (1) clean energy production

(2) landfill waste diversion and (3) carbon mitigation.



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