We apply industrial biotechnology to trash and waste


Waste diversion and energy conversion is our mission. Our goal, do it faster, with a smaller footprint, and lower CAPEX and OPEX costs. From MSW to food waste, and manure to agricultural waste, we help reduce waste- and energy-related costs, grow bottom-line margins, and mitigate carbon footprints.


Verliant's solution


Verliant offers solutions to waste management companies, food manufacturing plants and livestock farms to divert waste to “virtual landfills” with endless capacity. With industry-leading resource recovery and anaerobic digestion technologies, Verliant's waste-to-resource plants provide the benefits of reliable and cost-competitive renewable energy generation, that also yield new sources of clean recyclables, fertilizer and carbon emission offsets. We provide our clients with onsite waste recovery tools to reduce waste disposal costs, eliminate landfill-bound waste, and offer potential for new revenues from recyclable by-products.


Generating clean energy, water  & recyclables


Eliminating landfill-bound waste


Reducing carbon footprints from waste handling  & energy production

Industry applications


Urban trash

(municipal solid waste and food waste)


Landfill capacity is quickly diminishing as waste generation and the world’s population is expanding rapidly. Due to food contamination and limitations of expensive mechanical and re-sorting processes, recyclables can be extremely difficult to recover.  In the US, we generate about 250 million tons of trash annually, and yet over 65% ends in landfill.


Verliant's waste-to-resource technologies simplify the recycling process, by successfully cleaning and separating recyclable materials. Verliant is helping the waste management sector to accelerate their landfill diversion goals with large-scale waste diversion and bioenergy generation projects that produce clean energy and reusable input resources from MSW and food wastes.

Rural waste (manure and agricultural waste)


Rural communities worldwide are under extreme ecological distress. Droughts, water and land contamination, and natural disasters are threatening these communities with  food insecurity, water scarcity, high carbon pollution levels, and unstable economic conditions for agricultural operations.


We manage and treat agricultural solid waste and wastewater, providing agriculture and livestock operations with abundant and sustainable supplies of renewable energy and gray water. Our technology offers farmers and food processors opportunities for added revenue streams and financial stability, reliable water conservation and recycling practices, and cleaner carbon footprints.

Powering the smart grid of tomorrow


We're helping our customers and partners to meet corporate sustainability goals, comply with regulatory policies and satisfy demands of their customers. We secure local sources of waste feedstocks to produce a baseline supply of renewable resources - clean energy and water. We can co-locate facilities to supply renewable dark green electrons and clean water behind-the-meter; and, we offer the opportunity to procure local high-quality RECs, carbon offset credits and renewable electricity from our off-site facilities via long-term purchase agreements.

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